Timbredio Featured Artist | Spider Rockets

Hard rock hasn't always been the main passion of Helena Cos, but it's certainly at the heart of Spider Rockets. For years, Helena and guitarist, Johnny Nap, were playing every dive bar in New Jersey and New York City as duo, developing the unique sound that would eventually become Spider Rockets. We had the opportunity to speak with Helena just a few weeks back to learn about this musical journey and what's next for Spider Rockets.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

It’s always been there. There was no "aha" moment. It just evolved.

I started playing music as a kid back in California. First, it was the flute. I couldn't figure that out, so I switched to the violin. That was in grade school and I continued with the violin through high school, playing first violin in the school orchestra.

I started singing in school – in musicals and the vocal ensemble. No big parts, but I caught the bug and never got rid of it. As soon as I got out of school, I took it more seriously, started auditioning for bands, met Johnny (lead guitar for Spider Rockets) and here we are, five albums later. I can play the piano a bit, too. Honestly, singing in the chorus of my high school’s production of ‘Oklahoma’ I would have never seen this coming.

Where did the name "Spider Rockets" come from?

We had the word “monkey” in our name when we started but received a “cease and desist” letter from a band in Florida. Since they were so keen on keeping “monkey” in their name, we were glad to give it up. Johnny tweaked our name and came up with Spider Rockets and it’s been ours ever since!


What are your thoughts on the music industry?

It’s not an easy road. The only constant thing in the music industry is its constant change. We try not to focus on the difficulties because it’s not helpful. We just try to keep making good music and build our following.

I think what you’re doing at Timbredio is a great thing. That trickle down thing from the big companies is kind of lame. Who wants to be told what to listen to?

There is just so much great music out there, sometimes it's overwhelming. So you guys helping people to find it and not being driven by the industry is really great.

Finally, what does rock n roll mean to you?

Freedom to be yourself. I wish that for everyone and treasure it for myself.

And we'll leave it at that because I'm not sure we can follow it with anything better. Thanks so much to Helena and all the members of Spider Rockets.