Timbredio Featured Artist | Three Guests

Three Guests is a talented up and coming duo comprised of Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore. Their smooth hip hop sound will melt any listener's heart, and we had the pleasure of chatting with the group just a weeks back. Here's a bit of our conversation.

Tell us a bit how you got started and why you chose the name Three Guests.

We've been friends since 5th grade both growing up in Erie, PA. We've been playing music from a young age. Both of us play the piano.

When we make music we view ourselves as guests being allowed into the lives of our fans or other artists, who ever is with us in that moment. And so, the the third guest is the listener. It's more than just us. We're sharing the experience.

Can you tell us a bit about the song Marylin?

Jordan is the main singer on this one. It was written for a girlfriend at the time. We were thinking about how Marylin Monroe was the icon, this symbol of what it meant to be beautiful at the time, but his girlfriend was a brunette. And so it was important for her to realize that anyone could be his Marylin. Everyone has their own beauty.


What is your favorite part about performing?

See with our own eyes, people listening and dancing and singing along to our music. Seeing people enjoy something we created is amazing.

What is the biggest challenge of building a career in music?

We first moved out to Las Vegas because we were "signed" by this new music website called tunego.com. We've since parted ways with them, and going from having a full team to being completely on our own has been tough.

Moving to L.A. has allowed us to find other outlets to make art and still make a living, so for now we're just concentrating on making a lot of good content and building our social following.

It was a lot of fun getting to know these guys. It's hard working artists like them at the beginning of their careers that remind us why we built this thing.