What is this thing?

There are moments when music meets us exactly where we are. When a melody or a beat cuts through the noise of life and speaks to us. This can happen anywhere, the quartet thumbing away on the street corner, a song writer singing at a dive bar, and harmonies seeping through the windows of the theatre house. When the song ends we wonder, will I ever hear that again?

Timbredio would like to think so. By cutting out the traditional middle-men we lean on our unique discovery tools and sophisticated algorithm to learn directly from our listeners what music speaks to them, ignoring all preconceptions.

We also know music is about connection to a deeper part of ourselves and one another. Our mission is one of community. This is why every time you 'like' a song, you're directly supporting an artist financially. You can also use your subscription to back an artist's work of your choosing. And so, by listening with Timbredio, you're building a richer artistic culture that benefits everyone more fairly.

Whether you're that singer in the dive bar, in the string quartet on the corner, or someone who wants to hear those songs that too often never get their fair shake, timbredio would like to help connect you.