frequently asked questions

what is Timbredio?

Timbredio is a streaming music service built to foster discovery and empower the artistic community. Our platform guarantees all artists a fair chance to be heard and a means to be directly supported by our listeners.

for artists

how do artists earn money with Timbredio?

Timbredio is different than most music services as we believe fair payment for artists is critically important to the entire artistic ecosystem, artists and listeners alike. This is why we've rethought and rebuilt the payment model for artists. Here are the two main mechanisms for earning with Timbredio:

what's this I hear about an artist tier program?

We want to help artists help themselves by building consistent, predictable income through our backer program. And while we can't do it all, the more you work with us, the more we'll work to help you. That's what our artist tier program is all about. Here are the details:

  1. Up & Coming: Everyones got to start somewhere. As an Up & Coming artist, we’ll introduce you to the tools to help your fans support you.
    • - Access to all earning methods on Timbredio after uploading at least one song.
    • - Free listener account after recruiting at least 1 backer. See what your fans see and connect with other artists!
    • - Qualification: 0 active backers.

  2. Rising: People are loving you! As a Rising artist, we’ll help you connect with a broader audience by increasing your exposure.
    • - Highlights and features in Timbredio publications on social media and via email.
    • - Opportunities for sponsored shows and tours.
    • - Access to our artist support team.
    • - Qualification: 25+ active backers.

  3. Headlining: You’ve taken advantage of our tools and now you’ve hit it big time! As a Headlining artist, we’ll take your earnings to a new level.
    • - We increase the amount earned per backer to $3.00 per month . This means 200 backers is $600 per month.
    • - Qualification: 100+ active backers.

are there other things artists should know?

for listeners

how much is a listener membership?

Listener subscriptions are $7.99 per month. Artists can sign up and add their songs to our platform for free.

how do you personalize my listening experience?

You select the genre, mood, location, your adventure settings, and save these settings into custom stations. You can also manually search for and add songs to the listening queue or your own custom playlist. In the background, our proprietary algorithm uses your behavior on our site to find the music that is most likely to connect with you.

where can I listen?

After you subscribe, you can access your account right here at and you can also download our app!

Commercial Use

why should I use Timbredio in my business?

Provide a unique listening experience to your customers that's powered by local, independent musicians. This will not only help the careers of those artists, but it will enhance your customers' experience by making them feel more connected to your product.

how much do commercial accounts cost?

Commercial subscriptions are $20/month for a single location. If you have multiple locations, sign up for our multi-location plan which allows up to 5 locations for just $50/month.

how do commercial accounts empower the artistic community?

Similar to standard accounts, 37.5% of gross revenue will go to the artistic community. For a single location subscription, this means that $5 will go to the artist selected by the business, and $2.50 will go into the reaction royalty pool. However, since listeners do not have the opportunity to "like" a song when they here in a business, we distribute based on plays for commercial accounts.


what does Timbredio do with my personal information?

Timbredio uses your personal data and behavior on our site to enhance your listening experience. We will never sell or share your personal information with any third parties, and we are dedicated to the safety of our members’ data. For more information please read our privacy policy.

what does the name mean?

Timbredio is a combination of the words 'timbre' and 'radio'. Timbre is a term used to describe the unique characteristic of a sound. For instance, you can tell the difference between a trumpet and a violin when they're playing the same note. This is because they have different timbres; they sound different. We believe that every one of us has our own unique perspective, our own voice, our own timbre, and that it deserves to be heard.

something we didn't answer?

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